Canadia Trade Talks with EU – Update

Warning – understanding of UK humour useful.

Select Commons Committee – Costs and Benefits of the EU – made a long overdue decision to examine the state of play on Canadia Trade Talks (with the EU), and this morning, Boris, Mayor of London, was called to account for his opinions on the matter. The trade talks have been ongoing since 2009 and so far haven’t produced a result. The committee’s work got underway and it soon became obvious that this was the perfect opportunity for Labour members of the Committee to demonstrate ritualised obeisance to their party. This they duly did with token displays of nerves and temper. One of the members got genuinely excited when a sentence referring to the Governor of the Bank of England seemed to also include the term ‘politics’. At times the discussion dipped into crystal ball gazing and the uncertainty of things. Never one to miss an opportunity, a buoyant Boris leapt into the fray and mercilessly hammered home his points – especially how good things look once you’re actually prepared to put the effort in.

Inevitably, the work of the Committee took precedence and it returned to its real purpose: nailing down answers to important questions. [Redacted] asked Boris to spell out the main reason the Canadian / EU trade talks had stalled. Boris demonstrated an instinctive grasp of the subject area with lots of big words about economics, politics and immigration, but it soon became apparent that he had more research to do. The committee, however, were plainly prepared and watchers were left with the impression they knew more than they were letting on.

The meeting ran over and doubtless the committee thanked itself for braving Boris.

Next week’s exciting episode sees Boris explain his thinking on London suburb, Canadia; failing which the committee will invite a Martian to explain the Mysteries of the Ancients.


Catch the trade talks update on the BBC iPlayer (09:15 – 11:30, 23/03/2016)


iPlayer required


(No need to ponder this development in silence, here’s a recent piece I’ve taken a shine to – by George Enescu – one of the best classical works to come out of Roumania combining, as it does, a mix of folk and nomad themes.)

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