The Tau Device – Announcement

I’m pleased to announce that The Tau Device is available to pre-order on Kindle.
This is the only e-book edition.

In this  Science Fiction novel, Park has played to his strengths: alien culture and slightly elliptical dialogue. In particular the mystery and weirdness of alien cultures come across loud and clear. ¹

¹ Stephen Cashmore of SfEP

News of a print-on-demand edition still to come.

Keywords: Mystery, Invasion, Colonization, Robots, Aliens, Space, Romance

About Terence Park

Collections: vinyl records, comic books, paperbacks; I've plenty of them all. I also do spreadsheets.
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2 Responses to The Tau Device – Announcement

  1. Pre ordered my copy and shared the link on facebook. Good luck, I’m looking forward to it.

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