WordPress Gets Worse

I’m not an Über-blogger and I’m sure that this issue is covered much better in other places but I’m finding it more and more difficult to blog on WordPress. Some of those reasons are self-inflicted – I’m getting a book ready for publications.
Other things well – let’s throw ‘never bite the hand that feeds you’ to one side for a moment. Over the past year, WordPress have reprogrammed the free to use product – WordPress.com – so that it can be used better on mobiles, however, instead of providing a new software platform, they chose to change the PC-Desktop / laptop experience. This is leading to a gradual deterioration in the blogging experience.

I ignored the early signs of this and made do with a couple of work-arounds. The signs should have been obvious when WordPress persistently asked me: Why do you like this page



– it didn’t matter what I answered. More recently WordPress have redesigned this summary stats page making it more difficult to view – they recoded it so that sub titles either hog the space or aren’t visible.

Why-do-you-like-this-page - sub titles

Why-do-you-like-this-page – sub titles

I guess they found a way to make it harder to use. This is pity. WordPress has possibilities which would be better explored by a separate (i.e. unconverged) mobile solution.

If you were ask me what I thought was happening, (having worked in some quite large plcs) I’d say that they realised there was a choice retire PC-Desktop functionality, tell us they don’t want us using it any more and face down the criticism, or adopt a crooked behaviour pattern. They kept asking the same question because they weren’t listening to the answer…

Were they being dishonest? Quite frankly I don’t care. There are other solutions, as there are other things to do. This place is many things: a noticeboard, a soapbox (and reference point) for issues of the day, self-promotion, a resting place for long ago collections / trivia. But it’s not the be-all and end-all. I have other things to do in my life: family, football, work, study, writing, self-publishing.

A couple of days ago I was checking up on my posts and discovered that the View All Posts had also changed.
It was gone!
Images of MySpace have flooded through my head. What a pain that became. In the end I retrieved all 400 or so blog posts.

A case of watch this ___Space?

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2 Responses to WordPress Gets Worse

  1. Peter says:

    Hello Archie — I wondered if you were using WordPress.org but you’re not. I see people commenting about WP and I use it a lot although I do pay for the Premium edition. I don’t seem to have your problems but I don’t like the ‘new editing format’. At the moment I stick to the old one by always first selecting ‘POSTS’ and then edit. I preview from this old edit version.


    • Terence Park says:

      Hi Peter
      I wrote that in grumpy mode.
      Of course WordPress.com is entirely free but at the moment the decision to change the interface to better fit mobile devices is a drag. The interface is dumbed down and ob PCs like mine (10 years old) it’s like watching paint dry. Oh for the day I can afford to invest in a slightly less old one. Anyway I finally figured out a way to activate View All Posts. It involves selecting Portfolio at which point the appropriate submenu becomes selectable.
      It would surprise me if that fix wasn’t also improved away so I’ve (sensibly) made a short-cut which is: https://_username_.wordpress.com/wp-admin/edit.php
      The plus is this will deter me from dabbling on the net.
      Back off to tinker with my novel.


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