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It’s right that Amazon is finally, publicly, dealing with the abuses in its system; i.e. paid for high ratings / good reviews. These have been self-evident for longer than I’ve been writing (just over five years) and they belittle the efforts of the diligently honest. Amazon’s attempts to curtail these can impact the innocent; they blocked my one (unpaid for) review a year back for no reason and haven’t reinstated it despite my objections. Sometimes Amazon gets it wrong.

It’s no good me telling potential readers that A Guide to First Contact is eclectic and multi-layered. Readers need to know what’s in it. At the moment, the best I can do is give a sense of what those known to me have said, with my observations in italics

• Makes the reader work.
– Not all the dots are joined; Guide is aimed at a more demanding audience; character motivations aren’t always spelled out readers may have to deduce these by their actions. There are plenty of skim-read books out there, this isn’t one of them (ref Goodreads). 

• Transitions between styles
– to suit events. 

• Ambiguous on God
– The debate (does he / doesn’t he exist) is left to the reader. There are contemplative / philosophical aspects; naturally the Rapture gets a cameo (as part of the Apocalypse). The novel has Sufi influences.

I am currently finalising a new novel (not in the same universe as Guide)

The Tau Device

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