Downgrading iTunes on XP

I hate version 11 of iTunes, it seems to botch up list view with every click, but I’ve kept putting off doing something about it. Finally got so browned off that I took the plunge; uninstalled it and reinstalled version 10 (I’ve also got the install files for version 8, and 9). The snag with this is the earlier version won’t read the iTunes Library.itl file, which, in my case, sits in the iTunes folder in My Music. I renamed that file Library.itl.noload and created a new text document which I renamed to iTunes Library.itl. I relaunched iTunes 10, which told me the file was damaged (it was actually empty!), and then proceeded to build an itl file – but for version 10. 

If you like videos showing this kind of thing, take a look at this explanation on PC World   
You’ve downloaded version 10 but the player refuses to work:
“The file ‘iTunes.itl’ cannot be read…”
because you’re using the wrong version (nyah! nyah!!).


I haven’t got a ninja PC running at umpteen squintillion nanoflops, so I then disabled iTunes services as follows:


in C:\Program Files..iTunes..

  • rename iTunesHelper.exe to iTunesHelper.exe.noload
  • create an empty text file named iTunesHelper.exe


in C:\Program Files..Common Files..Apple..Mobile Device Support..

  • rename AppleMobileDeviceHelper.exe to AppleMobileDeviceHelper.exe.noload
  • create an empty text file named AppleMobileDeviceHelper.exe


in folder C:..Program Files..iPod..bin..

  • rename iPodService.exe to iPodService.exe.noload
  • create an empty text file named iPodService.exe

And not forgetting services.msc

  • launch services.msc via the Windows/Run dialog
  • change startup properties to manual or disable for the following:
  • Bonjour service – disable
  • Apple Mobile Device – disable
  • iPod Service – manual


What do these background programs from Apple do, apart from gobble up my life?

monitors for the connection of any iPod or iPhone. When detected it automatically loads iTunes.

used to synch your iDevice with iTunes.

allow programs like iTunes and the iPod Updater to communicate with your iPod or other iDevices (e.g. iPhone or iPad).

Bonjour service
used bigtime on Macs to automatically discover services on networks (computers, printers, iDevices)

Apple Mobile Device
used to sync iDevices (iPhone, iPod or iPad) with iTunes when connected to your computer.

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