Gourmet to the Stars 1

When I read Science Fiction as a young lad, it conjured up strange and imaginative visions. I remember it well.
What is SF? It’s the familiar along the unfamiliar. It’s spice to otherwise stale fare. It’s a tapestry so vast that mere mortals might struggle in vain to grasp the faintest thread from the hem of its raiment. Sometimes it’s experimentation.
Although the future will be different, it have day to day routines just like the present and just as now, its unsung heroes will try to make sense of their universe. Here’s my unassuming hero of Gourmet to the Stars in his own words:


Hi, I travel the stars looking for new sensations to bedazzle the palates of those back home on Earth. You guessed it, I’m an interstellar gourmet. Lory Gato’s the name. They say manners make the man, never a truer word; especially when humanity are the new kid on the galactic block. My watch words are be civil, make friends and tread warily. Stay out of politics. I just arrived at T’negi 36, a planet occupied, naturally enough, by the t’negi. They look human, even talk like us.


Lory’s quest is for new tastes. His culinary conquests are mana from heaven to the teeming billions back on Earth. That’s the closest they’ll ever get to experiencing space. This starts light-hearted but more serious matters begin to take centre stage. When space forces new patterns to events and Lory is thrown a curve ball, how does he adapt?

What follows is the first of an 18 part serialisation for YouTube of Lory Gato, Interstellar Gourmet.

scene 1 – I check in to Guest House Goggrahib
Lory Gato
ser Goggrahib

Gourmet to the Stars
First person narrative
A Science Fiction sketch in 18 scenes
Overall running time: 2½ hours
Schedule: weekly (22/05/15 to 18/09/15) 21:00 GMT
You Tube Schedule

Main Characters
Lory Gato Interstellar Gourmet (human)
jiz Le’acia Xeno-Archaeologist (alien – t’negi)

Aliens – t’negi
ser Goggrahib proprietor of House Goggrahib
ser Ungh’atib proprietor of Ser u Clothing Works (+ dad of jiz Le’acia)
Cho’#n#kris intelligent non-humanoid alien

Humans met at Club Enalle
Earther 1 Overweight, middle aged man
Earther 2 Moustache man

Humans met at the space port
Earther 3 Scarface
Earther 4 Star stud man
Earther 5 Hard blue eyes
Port clerk assistant (Mr. Dring)

Science Fiction,
Colonisation of space,
Alien cultures,
Manifest Destiny,
Planetary romance,
Space opera,
Space war,
Dark matter

About Terence Park

Board games, US Comic books, SF Paperbacks, Vinyl records; I've plenty of them all. I write SF (the serious sort). I also do spreadsheets.
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