SF / Horror project update

Earthfall, aka Joe and the Xenophids, aka A Skein Of Stars

…now stands at 22k words. That makes it novella sized. There’s a little more to tidy up before the sketch is done. Then it’s back to:

The Barrequa —Theme: High Medieval  Adventure. The setting is partly modelled on the Camargue in South East France

Erisse of the Illyany —Theme: Horror / Fantasy. The setting is partly Xinjiang in what is currently North West Chian in an alternate Earth.

Oasis of the White Lily —Theme: Adventure / Scientific Romance. The setting is the Sahara and it based partly around a legend of a secret oasis last seen in 1485.

About Terence Park

Board games, US Comic books, SF Paperbacks, Vinyl records; I've plenty of them all. I write SF (the serious sort). I also do spreadsheets.
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