Pointless Poetry

In conversation at my my local scientific / cultural group we got onto Haiku. Not as competition but more in the spirit of exploration I put forward the following:

Pretentious Poem 1

When recycled that
pretentious poem on white
paper was screwed tight

Pretentious Poem 2

Screw that paper tight
and recycle that poem
pretentious in white

thus dealing out time, nature, colour and doubtless something else…



Then we have:

Pretentious Poem Anniversary

I struck out last years’
text as pointless drivel
try again later

And finally a new, poetic hero.

Haiku Man 1

Forever carping
Haiku Man’s logic led him
into his navel

Haiku Man 2

Haiku man studies
dark logic and promptly falls
into his navel


About Terence Park

Collections: vinyl records, comic books, paperbacks; I've plenty of them all. I also do spreadsheets.
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