Sales Figures for Guide

Just a quick note to say that Guide is doing better than I thought.
Sales are still coming in from yesterday (how do they do that?)
The last time I looked it was
#11 on First Contact SF
#27 on Genetic Engineering SF
It’s rising.
And it’s free to download. Get it.
Here’s the blurb I sent to local BBC Radio:

About me
I’m a local author. I live in Rossendale and you can read a bit more about me here. I blog and I also write fiction. Some of my writing is themed on local aspects – I’ve lived in the area for many years. At the moment I’m running my first promotion on my first novel. I expect it to kick off a good deal of discussion because it deals with ideas such as the existences of God, of aliens and evolution. If there’s anything here you’d like to follow up on, I can be contacted on 07522 979791.


First things first; between October 21st and the 25th, 2014, A Guide to First Contact is free to download. Have you got it? The UK link is here.

Before you go any further I need to tell you this. It’s epic. Let’s repeat that.



UFO-+-Earth The title is an ironic play on words – however there actually is a guide, which does deal with alien first contact.


Easter egg in Guide
Hi there. Guide
isn’t for kids
The current Kindle edition has an Easter egg – you’ll know it when you find it.


Aliens-dancing What’s in the rest of this site?Teasers, Spoilers, Themes.

You missed the Free Download to Kindle deal, what do you do?
I’m planning a Countdown Deal, which right now is some months off.


Sometime in the future I will split Guide into two novels. From that point I’ll stop promoting this edition.

Readers are free to post feedback.
I sometimes put up videos of me reading from my work; I hope readers will make suggestions.

Guide quotes from works by Idries Shah. I have permission to do this (kindly provided by The Octagon Press Ltd)

What’s the Blurb?

Brent has a problem. He doesn’t fit. The woman he fancies heads up a research team. They’re busy looking into genetics; the history of man. But the story doesn’t start there; it begins long, long ago; in the Late Pleistocene; just when aliens were planning the next phase in Earth’s development.

Back in the present day, Brent’s long-time buddy, Watcher, bails him out again. Brent’s got a degree in haplessness – from the College of Life. The thing is, Watcher’s into stuff like conspiracies. Be careful Brent or you’ll be sucked in and when you’re spat out, you’ll be hung out to dry.

Forty years later, the West has collapsed and the apocalypse in full swing. What happened? Earth was contacted by aliens triggering a rapture effect. No one has worked out what to do with the undying flesh of the undead. Xenogens – genetic plagues in all but name – are currently raging out of control. Catch one and you degenerate into a dangerous, sub-human brute. Most cities are abandoned as unsafe; they’re known as former urban areas. The problem with dangerous, sub-human brutes is they’re xenogen carriers. Former Urban Area One (once known as New York) is crawling with them. Triste prowls its streets. There’s always work for a mercenary

Watch out Triste; something wicked is coming.

The thing is, heroes never listen. Triste meets Shoe. Shoe’s on the run. They stumble upon an abandoned research lab. They find old records – of life before the apocalypse; but will they work out what went wrong? Do they want to? Shoe has got dark secrets; she knows more about xenogens than she lets on. There are other things she can’t tell Triste.

Hot alien women, philosophical musing and a universe with Lovecraftian themes are added for ballast.

Space marines, War, Space battles, Bug-eyed monsters, Sexy aliens, Ray-guns, Blasters, Flying saucers, 

About Terence Park

Board games, US Comic books, SF Paperbacks, Vinyl records; I've plenty of them all. I write SF (the serious sort). I also do spreadsheets.
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  1. Terence Park says:

    Activity began 16:00 GMT. When the first 24 hours of this promotion is up, I’ll check on how it’s doing.


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