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I couldn’t let Anthony Sforza’s vision of Star Trek slip without mention.

I remember watching the original Star Trek; black and white and once a week. The show had corny dialogue (James T. Kirk acquired all the best lines – so that probably didn’t help) but it didn’t matter. It was the only show ‘out there’. Heady days.

The show got a remake. Money was pumped into it and the writing, along with the effects, improved. Fans grew up. Some had their own vision. This brings me to Anthony Sforza who built a replica of Captain Jean Luc Picard’s space ship in his Long Island basement in New York.

Anthony Sforza's Transporter-console

Anthony Sforza’s Transporter Console

Anthony put a lot of work into making his shrine happen. It’s taken props and materials worth £300,000 and three years (beginning 2010).

Locker bay

Locker Bay

“It was very difficult at first to find materials that they used on the show. I tried to call them but getting an answer was impossible. Fortunately I was able to purchase a piece of the original set which I pulled apart to find out the exact paint and materials that were used – that’s how I created the basement.”

Anthony Sforza's basement

Anthony Sforza’s Basement

His basement, now modelled on the spaceship interior of the NX-01 Enterprise, has the support of his wife. According to his sister, Marion: “Anthony’s been obsessed with Star Trek for as long as I think I’ve been alive. I don’t remember him ever not being obsessed with it, even when he was a little boy. I think he’s a freak, but he loves it and he could be into worse things so if that’s what makes him happy then that’s great.”

Phaser Armory

Phaser Armory


Next Generation Tactical Uniform

Sources: lots of places including Telegraph picture gallery and Mail report

Borg Locutus

Borg Locutus

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