FIFA Belgium v Algeria

Tonight is another football night. Despite the controversies surrounding FIFA, I do enjoy watching televised football. Unfortunately I won’t be watching Belgium v Algeria.

Belgium (Walloon / Flemish / former me-too European colonist power and now centre of EU bloatacracy)

Algeria (ex Numidia / Berber / Ottoman client state / home to the Corsairs).

Instead I’ll be at Hasiwriters for our twice a month meeting.

In other news, about 100k words from my back-catalogue has been edited in the past month. That comes to about 50 short stories.

I ought to mention that I will be at the Guardian and Folio Society First World War: Fiction vs Non-fiction event with David Reynolds and Helen Dunmore.
This will be hosted by the Guardian’s literary editor Claire Armitstead and will take place at the Guardian’s offices in King’s Cross, London, on 03 July 2014, 6.30pm-9:30pm.


About Terence Park

Board games, US Comic books, SF Paperbacks, Vinyl records; I've plenty of them all. I write SF (the serious sort). I also do spreadsheets.
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