Updates on Hasiwriters Anthology

The editing of the Hasiwriters anthology continues apace. I’ve given some thought to the book launch (which is still several months off). A number of options are possible but the most desirable – a local bookshop – is off the cards. No bookshops in Rossendale.

Economic / Business side note on no bookshop
This isn’t due to ebooks, rather the fact is that book chains and the retail stores hollowed out the market many years back. A book selling business in the valley can’t exist on scraps.

Back to Hasiwriters Anthology
Thinking laterally the options are an out of area book store or piggy-backing on a local event. The former would probably end up being probably Waterstones in Manchester. As far as the latter is concerned, I’m going to recommend the monthly Helmshore Farmers Market.

The contents list isn’t entirely settled yet; I’m waiting for those doing copy-edit to give me final product.
Final page count? Unknown. If I had the text, I would know. If I had the word counts I could guess.
Format? Unknown. I know the ropes but I’m disinclined to force the committee’s hand. I’ve recommended taking a serious look at Lulu Crown-Quarto and on that basis approaching local printers.
Cover? Unknown. We have a fine artist but getting a commitment is tricky.

A Court Scene with Timur and his Maiden from Khwarezm

A Court Scene with Timur and his Maiden from Khwarezm – by Pir ‘Ali al-Jami… No, I won’t be using this; I’m sure we’ll get a more relevant cover

Ever herded cats?

Onto other things:  Unfinished Tales
I’m busy self-editing my early stuff. There’s well over 50 pieces, to be turned into 5 volumes of Unfinished Tales. In some cases I’m changing the writing style; I’m making notes as I go along; e.g. I have a ghost story done (experimentally) as an anecdote plus pulp horror references. It’s more direct now. Does it work better? Dunno.
Anyhow this collection  of Unfinished Tales is beginning to look like this:

Volume 1: Lucky and other stories
Volume 2: Brant and other fantasies
Volume 3: The Wrong Lane and other detours
Volume 4: Real Fiction
Volume 5: Starmount (tentative title)

Vol. 1 is finished; Vol. 2 apart from artwork is getting close; I’m 80% of the way through Vol. 3. Vols 4 and 5 are still in draft. I’m expecting each book to be around 140 pages. I’ll POD them but I’ve no plans for eformats.

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Board games, US Comic books, SF Paperbacks, Vinyl records; I've plenty of them all. I write SF (the serious sort). I also do spreadsheets.
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