Gmail Gripe – Redirect to Google Splash-Page

Over the years I’ve grown increasingly irritated with Google. My latest gripe turned into a quest: There has to be an easier way to sign out; one that doesn’t redirect you to the Google Splash Page shown here:

Google Eye-Ball Stuff

Are you force fed Google crap?

If the above looks unfamiliar, that’s because I use Chrome on XP. Supposedly the Google Splash Screen only ever shows once – that’s not my experience. There’s not a lot of info on the web about this – I searched high and low using different variations of words. Maybe my problem is rare or maybe I’m locked inside the search sandbox; you know, the one where Google filters out the stuff before you see it; it was interesting to note that on related searches

1) there is a workaround for Firefox which is acknowledged in their product forums.

2) the redirect to YouTube, which Google tested back in 2011, (in Google Speak they wanted you to make sure you had logged out of You Tube… hmm) was resisted. Google PR were sleep walking that time; perhaps this is a more subtle move.


I wanted to minimise the number of clicks I make while switching between email accounts (I have more than one and I don’t want them linked). I hunted about a bit before I came up with the following solution.

The steps were straightforward and involved creating two bookmarks; one for signing in and one for signing out.

1) right click the bookmark bar
2) select ‘Add page’
3) add name and URL

For signing in I used:
Name: Gmail

For signing out I used:
Name: Signout

If on signing out, you’d prefer to be redirected to Google Search, simply replace the red part of the Signout url with
If you’re into that sort of thing, you can experiment by substituting your preferred redirect web address location.




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