Unfinished tale on the web

I decided to put one of my unfinished stories on the web. It’s called Brant and it’s my take on fantasy. The setting I use has some parallels with the late ancient world, around the time of the Crusaders and just before the rise of the Mongols. Readers of my blog will know I’ve a lot to say on that period of time and its relevance to the rise of the West. That period was also critical in determining what religio-philosophical belief systems passed through to this day and age.

What does that mean? Well for example it means that less tolerant forms of religion, e.g. of Islam, have come to dominate in the Near East. 

Anyway, I digress that’s historical, which isn’t to say that some deeper aspects won’t find their way into Brant.

I’ve worked out the plot, a magic system, the geopolitics, etc. My objective is to examine the hero through a realistic lens. Supporting characters will get similar treatment. I’ll give them opportunity to grow and see how they react (like any sensible writer I let them run around in my head, squealing at the difficulties and pressures of being a scoundrel, a temptress, a stuffy scribe etc).

When I began to develop Brant, it was one of several story ideas that I thought worth pursuing – which means other must languish. I get writerly angst from being unable to decide which story to develop. Getting Brant out is a way of letting off steam – and in a way is part of a larger design… and you never know, the Ideas-Genie may suggest new directions for the story. 

Here’s a link to get you started on Brant.

At some point or other you’ll come up against the term: Crowdsourced. I’ll explain that later. For now Brant is free to read.


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