Unfinished Tales vol 1

Six months ago I looked at my backlog of stories started but not finished. That list has since grown. Unless I do something about it, it’ll just get bigger and bigger. It’s impossible to complete all those story starts but I’ve decided make an attempt to tie then off.

What do I mean?

I’ll tidy up the text and, where appropriate, make a note of where I expect each story to go. This will apply equally to fragments of just a few hundred words (i.e. 1 or 2 pages in length) and longer narratives that are ten, fifteen or even twenty thousand words long.

How many pages is that? 1,000 words works out at around 4 pages. These figures can vary depending on how tightly the typeface is crammed onto the page.

Talking about cramming typefaces into the printed page, I did a little investigation into word count per page and readability for my local writing group – Hasiwriters. The reason? They want to issue a collection of poems, anecdotes and stories from members present and past. Most of the pieces have already been written. At the moment they’re being edited. The creative aspect to this lies with the rest of the group but  it is accompanied a more mechanical side. When they’re done I’ll format the beast – once I get some decisions about typeface, book size etc. The result will be about 100 pages long.

Where will this Hasiwriters collection be available? Hmm. We’re discussing the possibilities. My contributions have a distinctly local flavour – having lived in Rossendale for some time does have its advantages.

Anyway, I digress. To help concentrate respective gray matters, I concocted a Typeface comparison. Eventually they will come to a decision. (Yep – it’s just like herding cats – heigh-ho).

Back to my unfinished tales. There’s quite a lot, over a hundred thousand words. Enough to make more than one volume. By genre, those with a fantasy flavour come to over forty thousand words. That’s short story collection size. Yep, collections of unfinished tales. I’ll probably stick them on Lulu’s Crown-Quarto format using 11pt Times New Roman. That’s a nice readable size allowing the words room to breathe and more than 250 words per page doesn’t look crammed, .

The first collection will be Unfinished Tales volume 1: Brant and other fantasies. So what’s in it? Heroic fantsy, mythic fantasy, realistic fantasy and horror. The bulk of this book is about Brant. He’s a hero. There’s Princess Aralie and a dastardly Royal Uncle, a hero-for-hire (that’s Brant), plus mercenaries, hack-n-slash, magic, summoned beings, and various nefarious goings on.  

Here’s a rundown of chapter headings


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