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The BBC (like other news organisations) were going to town on the much heralded sacking of David Moyes with articles such as ‘David Moyes: Manchester United owners pay price for bad decisions‘. This of course eclipsed Burnley FC’s well earned glory for promotion to the Premiership. Burnley fans remember Moyes from his Preston North End days, and I for one would have liked a rematch, with him at Man Utd’s helm.

I commented as much. The BBC pulled my comment. That story is here: [link to CM article]

I thought nothing more of it until I checked my web stats. As is well known, web stats count different things. This means that comparing one with another isn’t always easy. For example, I can up the view counter on a Clarets Mad topic by simply refreshing the web browser. This won’t work on places like a WordPress blog, which counts just visitors. WordPress is much harder to ‘game’. Flag counter however counts other things such as web monitoring traffic. Bear this in mind.
My web stats an hour after posting were:
Clarets Mad: 239 views – 4 of these were mine.
WordPress Blog (that’s here) – 41 new visitors, made up of 39 from the UK, 1 from France and 1 from Spain. Nearly all of these were from Clarets Mad.

WordPress stat

WordPress stat

However according to Flag Counter there were 50 new visitors; 36 from the UK, 1 from France, 1 from Spain, 1 from Australia, 1 from the EU (unknown) + 10 from the United States.

FlagCounter  stat

FlagCounter stat

[edit – final tally
Clarets Mad pageviews = 415 -> 582 next morning

WordPress new visitors went to 81/93
UK 78
Australia 2
France 2
United States 2
Ireland 1
Malta 1
Spain 1

Flag Counter new visitors were: 100 / 190
UK 46
US 14
Unknown EU 4
France 2
Australia 2
Ireland 1
Poland 1
Malta 1
end edit]

What does this tell me?
WordPress counts those who visit my site. Flag Counter watches a little more. A little more includes the ‘+10’ which only appeared after my topic went on Clarets Mad. They’re the puzzle. The counters have stayed out of synch so far.
This post will muddy the stats. Life moves on.

Web automaton? How do watchers react to being under the microscope?
We’re in danger of straying into Philip K Dick territory here (where you at? you’d love this in your special, anti-authoritarian way)

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