The Google-glass is the latest in a stream of developments giving Google substantial access to private data. As a result the predictive bubble filters out stuff you’re not expected to see and can filter out stuff you’re not supposed to see; Chrome snoops on you and it will always want your mobile number for security (thus ensuring all the surveillance boxes are ticked).
Google glass wearers stir up trouble at the bar suggests that this issue has legs with terms like Luddite, Glasshole, Wannabe ‘borg and Techno-drone being bandied about. Some are clearly keen to front up real-time surveillance as unpaid drones, under the logic of it’s technology, so adopt it!, backed up by liberal use of the term ‘Luddite’. This misses the point. The question is: Where do you draw the line between privacy and the use of technology for intrusive surveillance?

The argument that Google-glass is essentially about adoption of technology is facile. It is a Stalinesque tool. But what’s the tipping point? Does Don’t be evil really mean We are the enemy? We may not agree on the answers but being able to formulate the question is important.

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