Lucky, video 2

Hi this my second video of my new book, Lucky.
This is available as noted below.

What has gone before

Lucky has escaped a war at the galactic core. That war was a long time ago. Her space ship, the Expedient, has woken her from slow time. She wants to know why and she’s impatient to be up and about.

Long, long ago, there was war in the heart of the galaxy. The core stars were ripped apart by the fury of that conflict. Lucky is a survivor from it; she is lucky to even exist. Her people, the flowing people, were destroyed by the measuring people.
War separates the victors from the losers. The victors survive and the losers are crushed from existence and from memory. To go home would have been death, so Lucky fled. She programmed her ship, the Expedient, to take her away from the galactic core, away from the planets where her people once lived and into the skeins of stars that make up the spiral arms of the galaxy. That was a long time ago. Few of the places she once knew can now support life. She has been a refugee since, drifting from star to star, in a half-life of suspended animation, known as slowtime.
The Expedient charts a careful course, ploughing its lonely furrow between the stars, always away from what she once knew, ever alert for signs of the measuring people. She’d stop running but it’s now all she knows. Eventually her ship comes upon a back-water of the Milky Way, known locally as Orion’s Belt.

This video clip was recorded 11/04/2014. It’s original length is just over 10 mins and it narrates pages 12 through 16 of my original story, Lucky.
This is on Kindle at ASIN: B00IMNXWK2
At the moment the only hard copy edition is large format paperback from Lulu UK, at
The paperback edition includes four additional short stories in the SF genre. These additional stories aren’t included in the Kindle edition.


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