Blue Corn

Just posted Blue Corn for a short story competition. Blue Corn comes to 2,900 words and isn’t SF – it’s actually set in Oklahoma. I dreamed up a Tornadoes Chart while I wrote:

Chart of OklahomaTornadoes

Oklahoma Tornadoes since 1950
I aggregate and chart data for my day job

The short story competition is monthly and is run by the Creative Writing Group on My Telegraph. The theme of this one is Change.

For those with an interest in that sort of thing, here’s a little history. Early 2011 this group was failing as no one wanted to run the competition. I offered to do this monthly and gave it a democratic spin – I felt my feedback on other’s stories would have been too harsh, so I let others’ votes do the talking – all I did was add them up. Okay, I designed the process from scratch. Here’s the first set of results.


Yep. Spreadsheets again. Some on that site must have wondered whether I was there to write, or just post spreadsheets.

So, back to holding myself to account… I know I promised to post my writing status – but the writing group at My Telegraph have been good to me by giving valuable feedback. It’s a pleasure to enter a story there.

(that’s excuse #37 used up)


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