I think Yahoo got this wrong

For a while I’ve been getting nags to stick my mobile no on my email. This is from both Google and Yahoo. I haven’t done this – why should I take the trouble to do the NSA’s (and every other hacker’s) work for them.

The Yahoo services is now a particularly difficult service to use. It’s full of ads that I can’t be bothered to suppress – I use Privoxy without which I’d never go on Facebook, or indeed most of the net. A couple of days back I went into Yahoo which (on its own) decided my desktop was an unauthorised device. Gee. I’ve only been using that desktop for – umm – 8 years. Now its unauthorised. the value of my email account was as an alternative to Google – which also has nag issues (give us your personal data).

The thing is I rarely need email to function. I’m a writer (and an accountant). Turning off the net would limit my ability to research – but email? It has site registration functionality, but its value in and of itself is pretty nugatory (that means not much to those reaching for the dictionary). Yahoo’s approach may stink but I guess they have to play the – ahem – ‘security’ game.


Security Alert - Yahoo

Security Alert – Yahoo

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