Youth’s Promise

The Never Bury Poetry project is coming to a close. I was asked to provide a piece on the theme of Promise. If you’ve lived up North you’ll know the landscape that sits behind my offering: Youth’s Promise.

Winter lasts long
  squeezing Spring and Summer into one.
  And Autumn
  that’s soon gone.

  Leaking through window and stone
  blurring yesterday’s gold to grey
  Clouds shudder

In these bleak lands
what hope for healing?

Rain, driven rain
  makes a pattern
  for pain to become hard
  and promise of youth turn gray

Wasted years of memory
  live in night
  and long gone despair
  brings no light.

All Rights Reserved.

Final punctuation to the sound of fauni gena by Tangerine Dream; vinyl edition 🙂


About Terence Park

Collections: vinyl records, comic books, paperbacks; I've plenty of them all. I also do spreadsheets.
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2 Responses to Youth’s Promise

  1. Dorothy Allan says:

    I was a regular contributor to NBP and was wondering what had happened to it. I’m very sorry to hear that it has gone. Do you have any more details? I like your poem, by the way. I also submitted one for “promise” and one for “kitchen” but heard nothing. King Regards, Dorothy

    • Terence Park says:

      Hullo Dorothy

      I came across never bury poetry a few years back when I joined Irwell Writers. I know Jim Taylor (who is on the editorial team) and he urged me to put forward a piece given that the publication would close on #80. Jean Tarry was kind enough to include my offering in #79. My copy tells me that the theme for the final issue, #80, is Promises —hence above.
      From various conversations, I’m aware that NBP can be time-consuming. It may be that new blood / enthusiasm is required for it to be taken forward.

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