Canine Nights (and Days)

Yesterday, at Hasiwriters, was

Visiting Poet Day

We had Jim Taylor (Never Bury Poetry, Writers Rain, Irwell Writers and various other projects). Jim tends to write in a naturalist style which at times reminds me of J.G. Ballard. On this day, instead of reading some of his stuff to us – he’s temporarily abandoned poetry for a play about the school inspection process (some of which I’ve seen -it’s quite tongue-in-cheek) – we were treated to a selection of readings from current poets. Jim brought along a number of books, not all of which were used. The ones I could spot were:

Lifting the Piano with One Hand Lifting the Piano with One HandGaia HolmesComma press, 2013

Gaia is Bradford based; and Jim noted that she might be interested in being a guest poet at our group.


Sunday at the Skin LaunderetteKathryn SimmondsSeren books, 2008


Tattoos for Mother’s DayJean SpracklandSpike 1997


Front Cover Tell me this is NormalJulie O’CallaghanBloodaxe books, 2008


All of us: the collected poemsRaymond CarverHarvill, 1996


Jacob Polley’s – Little Gods (not read)

At the end of the session Jim gave us twenty minutes to feel inspired ;-). I made a number of notes, the chiefest of which was forced poetry can be bad for you (the Koran springs to mind).

Did I say how difficult it can be find a decent book cover image – it’s getting to the stage where I think I should be crediting the image source. Hang your head in shame Google books, Independent, Guardian, Amazon…

My effort was:

Canine Nights (and days)

The world began with a bark

Not a whimper
That was reserved for nights
in the cold kennel.
she didn’t give up
and it was soon on the rubbish heap
of trials that didn’t work.

The days are quiet
except when the postman comes
and the meter reader
friends and relatives
and if she is allowed near the window
through which next door’s car makes its noise
all cars make noise.
add cars she can’t see to the list
of black plastic bags
trees that move in the breeze
even rubbish bins.
So many threats

Pigeons are excluded.
they fly off

Her two smaller sisters
stay out of sight.
let the boss do the barking.

In other developments….

Lucky has been made into a book. At present it is only available via the print-on demand technology offered by Lulu at the following web address

Print on demand is also known as POD. it works by the author (or whoever) loading their writing plus cover artwork into the Lulu system. This generates the book data which sits on their servers until someone orders a book. When this happens the data is used to automatically produce a copy, and is distributed. The finish is high quality – better than most paperbacks I’ve come across (which is a lot). Using a POD service such as the one from Lulu means that, unlike the traditional publishing model, you don’t need to keep a stock of books in your house / garage / at the nearest bricks and mortar store. It’s all stored electronically and I too buy my copies of my books from that electronic store-house.

At Hasiwriters, I sold the two copies I’d come armed with.

Bookmark for Lucky and other stories:

Lucky and other stories
only available at:

Lucky me


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