Law and Torture

I’ve added a fourth episode to Lucky’s tale, called Law and Torture. It’s Fiction / SF and continues the events from Coming up for Air. fyi it contains cuss-words, implies badder things and comes to 3,100 words.

What has gone before:

Lucky is a humanoid alien who’s escaped a clash of star-faring civilisations. Her homeworld lies in the galactic core. The battles that destroyed her civilisation were a long time ago, so long that suns have faded to dullness. Few of the places she once knew can now support life. Her people, the flowing people, were destroyed by the measuring people. She’’s been on the run since, and exists in slowtime, a process that lets her sleep in suspended animation while her ship, the Expedient, ploughs its lonely furrow between the stars Eventually the Expedient comes upon a back-water of the Milky Way, known locally as Orion’’s Belt.

And now:

She wants to live quietly in America. The mid-West appeals to her but first she needs an identity. She decides to pose as a refugee from the recent Balkans War, who’s fled to live in the UK. She Anglifies her name to Lucy. Circumstances draw her to a down and out tramp called Don. Don knows a phrase that is meaningless to human ears but it triggers a reaction in Lucky. He is about to be sectioned but she rescues him. She’s stepped into a hornet’s nest.


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