Science Fiction – Lucky

Originally this blog was for overflows from my ArchieTP blog on My Telegraph.
Gradually I’ve changed things around so that this has now become my main blog. Back there is now mostly short stories for Creative Writers on My Telegraph.

Over here I blog about writing. I rarely put stories up, but I put up bits of my research.

One of the pieces I’m working on is:


Lucky is a refugee alien who has escaped the destruction of her race. Once of the flowing people she believes them long gone. The star civilisation of the flowing people was destroyed by the measuring people. Both civilisations were based in the galactic core –  she has been so long in suspended animation that the stars she knew are old, dying and faded and the black hole at the centre of the Milky Way has become gigantic. She is Lucky to be still alive. In the constellation locally known as Orion’s Belt, she stumbles across a primitive interstellar probe.

I’ve written 6,000 words of Lucky. Here’s my research notes on stars and interstellar space.


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