Day Seven NaNoWriMo

One of the pep talks on NaNoWriMo caused me to revisit the bit of self-analysis I went through before give this year a go.
My thought then (01/11/13) was that the impetus to write could be either:
Lets say something I want to say
and the other possibility
Lets discover what I am writing as I write
When I first started writing, each new word, paragraph and chapter was a discovery to me. The first eight thousand words I ever wrote were an act of faith. It took until double that figure, for me to start to plan

Most things I’ve written since then have fallen under the banner of Lets say something I want to say.
Until now.

Harjazes is deliberately unplanned. I feel that makes it closer to the zeitgeist.  Anyway, I’d hate to rush ideas I actually want to explore. So there you have it; Harjazes – completely made up Detective Fiction.


About Terence Park

Collections: vinyl records, comic books, paperbacks; I've plenty of them all. I also do spreadsheets.
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