Day Three – Harjazes


50k words in a month, on a whim. It’s an interesting challenge.

I approached this task a little lightly; I didn’t think about what I would write until 01/11/13 actually dawned. And then, all I did was go for a walk, come up with a couple of made-up, random words. Part of day two was spent mentally plotting.

As day two wore on, weather (RL) began to take it’s toll. A storm began to belt out thunder and lightning. I decided to take a short video of leaves swirling in the wind and rain; however I discovered the camera shutter had jammed. It’s a Canon Ixus  1100 HS; which to me means it fits better in my pocket that my Canon Powershot G3, but its battery lasts nowhere near as long. Heigh-ho, technology. A jammed shutter means an impossibly shaped aperture. I kept 45 seconds of dodgy footage because that’s the kind of thing I do. Eventually I managed to achieve a BIG result; I freed the part of the shutter that was jammed – thin, fan shaped strips of protective plastic. This means I don’t need to replace or repair the camera.
The evening became more sociable as family came round to watch a local fireworks display. Then there was pie and peas tea, followed by reminiscence; and later, when all were gone home Match of the Day. As a result, I am slowly drifting away from target word count.

Talking of which, I updated online word count. Only one problem (and it’s a real problem for me) my internet connection is intermittent. If it goes down, I may not get back on for some hours. Thus although I knew day 2 word count for several hours, I was unable to update until the beginning of ‘day 3’ i.e. 7 minutes after midnight, local time. Very irritating and screws up my stat meter.
Never trust the net my mother used to say (no she didn’t, I made that up).

Anyway Harjazes – written in conjunction with Nanowrimo continues on page 02.

The story so far: In the fictional town of Lellegheny, a private eye is asked to track down a missing husband. He needs to dig for detail to do his work. I’ll use this to explore the town. It’s quite an old town, and lies south west of the Appalachians.  Its library has maps of the area going back to the mid-eighteenth century. 

Day three approaches. 


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