What in tarnation is Harjazes?

For the next month I’ll be tasking myself to produce 50,000 words; the challenge set by NaNoWriMo (the National Novel Writing Month).

So what does Harjazes mean?

It started as Harjazws, a random word to get me going. I hope to provide a plausible plot to explain what it means. It begins like this…
In a fictional town of Lellegheny (pop 250,103) trouble’s brewing. For many years there’s been not sight of the Ridge Runner. Local legend has it that the Ridge Runner was the work of backwoods men hiding their moonshine activities. Nothing’s been heard of the Ridge Runner for a while…

Mike Doarn, private investigator is hired to track down Maude Dimling’s missing husband. On that day, the Lellegheny Enquirer runs a story on the Ridge Runner….

Harjazes a Nanowrimo blog starts here: page o1

I better get writing.


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Collections: vinyl records, comic books, paperbacks; I've plenty of them all. I also do spreadsheets.
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