More Short Stories part three (Master of the Universe)

I’ve had several long and unproductive discussions with my local car doctor. They amount to this: ‘We don’t think it’s worth fixing it. What you gonna do?”
Solutions cost cash and I don’t have an answer. Instead, here’s the final installment on my early short stories.

Once I decided to have this tidy up, I realised I’d accumulated a fair collection of material. In case you’re wondering, that’s on top of the stuff noted in Unfinished Stories.

I looked over the individual pieces. Subject matter ranged from Science Fiction & Fantasy through Romance, Ghost, History, Humour, Pets, Sexuality, Tragedy….
There was some fairly serious stuff in there for an SF writer.

My chosen genre means I write anything from subtle differences in our world to zap guns and flying saucers. Dick with a dash of Kafka (or vice versa when that works better). In practise this means I write on a whole range of subjects.

One of my first questions was: Do I wait until I can ‘write’ before attempting to describe my visions? I haven’t a good answer, but I’ve come clean on what SF ought to be about; not as it is but as it should be. Most of the following are SF / Fantasy. They’re a mix of stand-alone pieces and starts to longer works. The process has been worthwhile to me.

Master of the Universe – Genre Fiction (Finance / City Trader)
How near have you been to the halls of power? What was it like? Were you seduced? Do you find yourself attracted by a life of affluence, collecting the rare and the unique simply in order to deny others the chance to do the same? What would it take to change your point of view? And if you did, would you look at your collection of pointless plenty the same way?
Master of the Universe tells of a city trader (who else?) with a big secret. He’s done well for himself and his life is full of worthless trivia.

Derelict – Science Fiction (part of a larger work)
At great expense an exploration and survey vessel is commissioned; it is investigating VIRGOHI121. If you’re into astronomy you’ll know that this is a place where the proportion of dark matter to normal matter is abnormally high. Dark matter galaxies can be risky and if you find a space derelict there, you can bet the risk factor goes up. Just to make things interesting UK-WorldGov (the British Empire in all but name) is sponsoring this mission.

Night of Life – Science Fiction / Romance
Humanity are putting a lot of effort into cleaning up the planet. That’s the deal or they won’t get access to star drive technology. You see the earth has just been discovered by aliens – the epheleri. By day Eddy works the Mississippi levees; after dark he hooks into shared dream world – Night of Life. By the way, nobody knows what an epheleri looks like. Take it from there Eddy…

Cuckoo – Science Fiction / Sex / Relationships
…is the sequel to Night of Life. Naturally it has aliens in, but it also deals with Gene-Capture – adultery for those who prefer straight talking. An eye-opener on the whole male-female relationship.
Check out
What a can of worms. Will you ever look at your partner the same?

Joe – SF / Horror (part of a larger work)
The Earth has been overrun by xenophids – giant sized creatures from outer-space. Joe is trying to contact survivors and he’s looking for them in the Appalachians. Humanity is on the brink of extinction, yet not everyone he meets is pulling the same way. First Contact with a vengeance. Shades of Orson Welles!

Flower to Tree – SF / Horror (part of a larger work)
Flower to Tree is a human colony. Scratch that – was a human colony.
A prequel to Joe.

City – Fantasy: realistic
“The Colera drifted on, an endless flow from mountain… …to Turalam, a jewel in the dusty canvas of the plains.”
City – a darker underside to fantasy.

Orby – Heroic Fantasy – realistic (part of a larger work)
Brant is a knight errant and he’s off to Orby to buy one of the famed Brychon ponies. His work is risk, adventure and doomed quests. Orby is a township of  troubled kingdom, currently overrun by mercenaries. It also happens to be the place where Princess Aralie, the rightful heir, is held captive. What could go wrong?

Where Wild Things Play – Mythic Fantasy – realistic (part of a larger work)
Brant is in a bleak mood. He has left Orby and is in Brychon Woods. These woods are supposed to be the haunt of Soul Bleeds and Night Frights, creatures that feed off emotions. Where Brant comes from, such creatures are considered superstitious nonsense. What could go wrong?

Collected in:

Master of the Universe cover

Master of the Universe

Here’s the rest of my Short Story resume (and more on my broke-car saga).

More Short Stories part two (An Empty Bucket)

More Short Stories part one (Ice Made)

Unfinished Stories

Eventually I’ll get round to having these pieces professionally edited.
I attend two local writing groups and hang about the web pages of the Daily Telegraph, which hosts a writing group.


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