More Short Stories part one (Ice Made)

Several weeks ago my car contracted the condition known as ‘cylinder head gasket syndrome’. i.e. it was broke. My local car doctor confirmed this to me with a worryingly large quote. Sometimes the Gods of Finance are benign, sometimes not. atm the latter prevails. The upside of this that it forces me to organise. For the past few days this has been on writing and (be warned ) You Tube – it’s me reading out from some of my very first short stories. 

Carrie – Humour.
A feral feline lurks in the heart of every tame tabby. What do cats think of our ways? Does anything we do make sense to them?

Dodger – Humour.
Dogs. Small ones, large ones; all know their place in man’s world. But do masters know the rules of the pack? Rarely. So some-one must guard the house, check out strangers for danger and sniff out interesting smells.

Aeschia – SF (first contact).
A story has a shape and a function. Like clay, in conveying the artist’s intent, it acquires form and becomes fine or lumpy. A pottery of words. If the Earth is the cradle of mankind, then the radio and TV signals we’ve been hammering out for almost a century are the baby alarm. Will we be heard and if so, what will come?
Aeschia is one answer – a creature sensitive to the thoughts of others.

A Certain Full Moon – Ghost / Romance.
Den is a likely lad in the sense he is likely to do something rash; something that will land him in trouble. He encounters a ghost who is compelled to relive a hideous fate, again and again. That’s where it all kicks off.

Eggman – Horror / Humour.
Frederick is the much put upon assistant to Harry West, re-animator and general mad scientist. The subject of this re-animation experiment is an ex-beatnik, who was renowned for breaking into poetry part way through each song. Any mad scientist’s assistant worth his salt would rely on more than moral force should things get tough. Frederick has ‘Good Night’s Rest’. No Lovecraft imitation would be complete without a monster. The action – dangerous, illegal and morally repugnant – takes place south of the Adirondacks. How far from here to HP Lovecraft country?

Fugitive – Post Urban.
The last library of mankind is in better shape than the people that use it. The end of things as we know them isn’t far off. What happens when there is no-one left to record events? Is that the end of history? Is the fugitive hero, villain or neither?

The Wrong Lane – Urban.
The road’s blocked. The wrong lane will leave you stuck in the concrete jungle. Which one do you take?

End of the Line – Urban.
You’ve escaped the concrete jungle but now you must deal with the End of the Line.

The Old House – Ghost.
An old house – why hasn’t it been vandalised? Your dare is to go in. Was it wise to bone up on Lovecraft first?

Ice Made – Fiction / Fantasy.
Ice sculpting nowadays is fast and furious with power tools and time saving gadgets galore. Allen has the perfect spot, twenty miles from Labrador City; but he hasn’t moved with the times. Over the years his commissions have grown less and less. He clings to his old fashioned ways, laboriously chipping away at his creations. What future can there be for him?

A Firmament of Stars – Philosophical Fiction.
Sophie’s parents have the chance of a lifetime. They up sticks and leave Paris for the uranium (yellowcake) mines in Namibia. Who will benefit most from this arrangement, they or Sophie? The beliefs of the San peoples of the Kalahari are difficult for us to comprehend – but they shouldn’t be.

The India Box – Fiction.
Through the India Box, Jill discovers the truth about her father. However this leaves her facing a conundrum; if she follows her desires, she will be going one worse than her father; but no-one need ever know. What should she do?

Impressions – Religious Philosophical.
“I like the countryside better than the town. At night the stars light up the sky. They twinkle in God’s firmament… This is his creation. The realm is vast. Not small and petty, like the minds of men, but stretching to the far shores of infinity. And we can see just the smallest filament of a loose thread, at the hem of His mighty garment.”
So says a wheelchair bound man.

Want to know more than the synopses? They’re collected here on:

Ice Made cover

Ice Made


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