Easter 2013

Intermittent Diary

23/03/2013 My Telegraph Blog There’s Snow Up North

25/03/2013 My Telegraph Blog Nine Princes in Amber – Roger Zelazny

26/03/2013 Begin to research Lucky.

27/03/2013 Writing – Begin Lucky.
I expect this will be about 2,000 words long.

28/03/2013 Writing – Continue Lucky
Looks like it might exceed my 2,000 target (I’m at 2,350)

29/03/2013 Writing – Bring Lucky to a continuable state
At the moment Lucky is over 3,000 words. I’m guessing that I’ll get to 5,000 words – which suggests the law of 250%. Plan a story, think of a number – that’s how many words it’ll come to. multiply by 2.5 to the actual word count.
But I have to stop atm. My story Adriana needs to be finished by the close of play 31/03/13 and it’s only a quarter done.

30/03/2013 Writing – Crack on with Adriana
1,000 words done

31/03/2013 Writing – Finish Adriana
1,000 words done. Get Adriana into what I (laughably) call a finished state. Adriana is just under 2,900 words long and wraps up my Norman Sicily / Maltese trilogy.

01/04/2013 My Telegraph Blog Google Treasure Map

02/04/2013 Join Goodreads
Post the three Central Sea stories + Star Crossed there.

Research Ta’ rīkh-i jahān-gushā (History of the Conqueror of the World)
This is about Genghis Khan and concerns the slaughter of approx 20 million people in a land that no longer exists – the Khwarezmian Empire.

The Penguin Press were trailing the idea of a new kind of bookshop, to which I added my thoughts.

03/04/2013 Back to Lucky

Plus chat with the Craven Herald – they agree to use my story

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